Monday, June 1


Even before Video killed the radio star, Motorcycles have been well represented in some of the iconic rock and roll film clips.
Here are some from the 60's, 70's & 80's, featuring, or about motorcycles, that have stuck with me for the ride.

Steppenwolf: Born to be Wild.
It didn't matter about the dang hippies, junkies or the (as we found out later) improvised script, or even the tragic ending, the song, lyrics and the mood of the opening ride scenes helped define a generation and the song is just still as downright diggable today.

Fast forward to the dawn of CGI.
History might note Judas Priest as a Glam Metal band, but they were one of the first to use digital effects in a Music video. And aren't they stunning! But we weren't too far past Frogger and Space Invaders at the time the album was recorded in 1986.

Motorbikin' - Chris Spedding.
From his playing with Roxy Music to appearances in the Wombles, nothing can dimish the appeal of Chris Spedding's ode to irresponsibility. This clip was taken from the film `Girl on a Motorcycle` featuring Marianne Faithful. Like a streak of Lightnin'!

Motorhead. Killed by Death.
Released in 1984. Old Skool Metal. The volume button is your friend and it likes to go to 11.

And now for something completely different.

Fine Young Cannibals - Good Thing.
'Their highest charting hits were "She Drives Me Crazy" and "Good Thing", from the 1988 album The Raw and the Cooked. Both reached number one in the U.S. singles charts.'

More decades to follow.