Sunday, May 24


Hey everyone Welcome back.

This month has been a pretty quiet one for me with just the North Island champs in Taranaki over the April 11-12 weekend. However it was awesome to be able to get down to Taupo to watch the New Zealand Junior Champs.
Without naming anyone in particular there is definitely a lot of young talent coming through the ranks which is great to see. I thoroughly enjoyed the time down there and I’m glad I made the effort to go and watch. Congratulations to all the riders who put in the hard work and training, and to all the winners, well done.

What a fantastic weekend. As always the club down in Taranaki had done an unreal job of preparing the track. It was awesome to have all the young riders back at the front of the field again.
With Ethan Martins, Kieran Leigh, Mason Wilkie, and myself all racing very close over the two days in the MX2 class. If you want to have a bit of a laugh at my expense, go onto and enter my name.
You will see how to land perfectly, off a one hundred foot jump, head first into a silt pond (or in simpler terms a huge, huge mud pond).
Overall it wasn’t exactly a bad weekend for me because as well as winning two of the three MX2 races I was the fastest rider out there in all three. However because I was classified 22nd in the second race I ended up coming away fourth overall behind Ethan, Kieran and Mason.
Must have had something to do with that dunking…………….

Hamish Dobbyn #3