Thursday, May 28


Nitrous-injected Buell® 1125R™ motorcycle reaches speed of 238Km/h on frozen lake

Words & Pics: Harley-Davidson.

Extreme temperatures, extreme bike, extreme speed – Buell’s resident UK stunt rider Craig Jones has just set a world record in Sweden where he braved subzero temperatures to push the 1125R™ to become the fastest bike on ice.

After a short test period and several practices, Craig’s modified Buell® 1125R™ sportbike reached the phenomenal speed of 238Km/h on a frozen Lake Dellen, with only a few centimetres of ice separating him from the icy water.

The hazardous conditions meant the addition of some custom equipment, and the bike used for the attempt boasted some mammoth modifications.

Complete with nitrous oxide injection providing an estimated extra 50bhp, the white Buell® 1125R™ reached top speed on a 1.1km run. The tyres were specially adapted with protruding spikes (20mm on rear and 15mm on front) designed to increase grip on the perilous surface.

Undeterred by the risks associated with the attempt, Craig said: “I firmly believe that your head is the biggest limiting factor in pushing to the edge. The less you think about the risks, the further you can push yourself. So I kept it simple. I just put the bike into gear, tucked down and went as fast as I could.”

Craig’s daredevil attitude mirrors that of Buell founder, Erik Buell whose dream was to build the ultimate American sportbike. Buell began his career with Harley-Davidson in 1979 when he joined the Company as a Junior Test Engineer immediately following his graduation. Since then he has become a forerunner in motorcycle innovation, taking sports bikes to the next level.

About Craig Jones:
Born in Birmingham England, Craig Jones currently holds three world records: two man front wheel stoppie on a Buell® XB12R™ motorcycle set at a distance of 305 metres from a terminal speed 120mph (192kmh); front wheel stoppie on a Buell® XB9S™ motorcycle set at a distance of 225 metres from a terminal speed of 119mph (190kmh) and front wheel stoppie on a Buell® XB12R™ motorcycle set a distance of 266 metres from a terminal speed of 130mph (208kmh).