Friday, May 29


I recently travelled to Taupo for round 2 of Taupo's infamous Winter Series and although the weather was absolutely dismal on race day and the track took a rather hefty beating there was a whisper in the wind. Ben was scheduled to provide a quick fire three hours of coaching to four elite FIM World Junior Champs hopefuls on Monday morning so I hung round to grab some shots and get a few pointers myself.

Thankfully the rain and wind of Sunday had passed and the track as well as the group of us was blessed with copious amounts of sunshine early Monday morning. Cam Dillon, Hamish Dobbyn, Matt Hunt and Hadleigh Knight were up bright and early to make the most of Bens schedule before he made tracks at 11.30am. Unbeknown to many locals at the time, Ben was in attendance on Sunday making notes of these four boys. And Monday morning provided the best opportunity to critique their riding styles, line selection and motivation before BT had to make his shoulder re-hab session in.

Not letting the opportunity pass by I threw some gear on and cut a few extra laps of the extremely rough track myself, grabbing the moment to have the guidance of BT himself. It was an interesting training session; all the boys were left wide-eyed over the thought process behind BT's race craft.

It was a very focused 2.5hrs on the track for the boys and even I found the advice extremely beneficial. Sure the boys have a fair bit to work on, but the help BT has and continues to provide will be invaluable to them on FIM JWMX race day come August 15th and 16th. For now enjoy some photos taken from their Monday morning wake up and I will endeavour to keep you posted as we enter the lead up to berm busting World Junior MX action in Taupo.

For some more photos from Mondays action click the following link:
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