Tuesday, June 23


It's a while since The Discovery Channel produced a series of documentaries about the 10 Greatest Motorcycles of all time.

Do you agree? What would your nomination for the greatest ever motorcycle be? Let's get this from a Kiwi perspective.

Here's the link to the Discovery Video Page.

And here is the countdown by their experts with the You Tubed Video.

Number 10. Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

Number 9. Moto Guzzi V8

Number 8. Vespa PX 125

Number 7. Brough Superior SS 8

Number 6. Britten V1000

Number 5. Triumph Bonneville

Number 4. Y2K

Number 3. Honda CB 750

Number 2. Ducati 916

Number 1. Honda Cub


I think some of those ratings and selections are way off. Certainly the Discovery Channel has a global audience and that no doubt moderates their perspective and these ratings. But if we look at this from a Kiwi Rider's point of view a Guzzi V8 or a Y2K have very little - if any - relevance and the 916 Ducati is a great motorcycle indeed - but 2nd greatest ever?

I'd say the bike they rate Number Three is the greatest. The Honda CB750. It shifted the centre of the motorcycle Universe almost single-handedly. Regardless of its on-road performance or any other factor that must be the greatest feat yet?


Please leave a comment with your nomination for the Greatest Motorcycle ever.