Wednesday, June 10


I'm open to suggestions for an earlier rock & roll ode to motorcyclism than the Shangrila's 'Leader of Pack'. Wiki says 1964 was the year of release.

Someone should have told the girl that the helmet goes OUTSIDE the hair however.

Fast forward 20 and if you want a REALLY Big Hair version it has to be the Twisted Sister rendition of the same song.

Sigh. Folk singers. Co-pilot carried the Joan Bayez baggage in out team and gets all soppy at various scenes in the Woodstock DVD. (I just put Joe Cocker on repeat.) Every now and then she'll get out 'Alice's Restaurant' and go all tie-dye on me.

The man does not want a pickle. This is Motorcycle lore.

As Graeme pointed out on the last music entry - The 'Rumble Strips - Motorcycle' is not only a great sentiment it's a very engaging video.
(won't embed)

And here's one that isn't engaging at all. In fact it's altogether lamentable. Zat zany European style of Harpo's Motorcycle Mama is a 70's version of Harley hiring Elton John for the 100th Anniversary Hogs do. What motorcycle mama with more than 5% visual capacity is going to go for this?

Billy was a bigger hit.

Few more to come.
I'll make up some new playlists for our You Tube channel too.