Monday, June 15


Hi everyone, and welcome back to my
column. The last few months have been very
busy. I have been competing in a lot of events
which is great!

To start us off I am going to talk a wee bit
about the 2009 NZ Junior MX Nationals held
at Taupo in April. The Taupo MX Club did a
fantastic job over the weekend with watering
the track and every other little thing. My class
was very tough. We had about 56 riders so
that meant we had to qualify. I qualified in third
place. My best two races were both third place
as well. Unfortunately my consistency was not
great putting me back to eighth overall.
Micah McGoldrick cleaned up my class.
Brandon and Logan rode awesomely as well
banging bars all weekend. Brandon finally got
the better of Logan in the last race putting the
overall like that.
Congratulations to Cameron Dillon, Dion
Picard, Campbell King, Micah McGoldrick,
Dylan Walsh and Josiah Natzke.
I would like to say a big thanks to Grant
Cuthbertson from Dunedin for putting in a lot
of effort to get my bike ready for the Nationals
and the Meikles for the support, cheers.

Recently I have changed brands of bikes and
am now riding Yamaha. They are awesome.
My Hondas were worn out and they actually
don’t make 85s anymore, so my next step,
we decided, was to go blue.
I would just like to thank Honda and
Davidson Honda for supporting me and say
a HUGE thanks to John and Jeremy and the
team at Timaru Honda for supporting me over
the last couple of years.
You guys have been really awesome and I
enjoyed being on the team.

My first outing on the blue bike was the first
round of the Sandpit series in Invercargill
where I managed three wins from three
starts, which was good. The following weekend
I travelled to Christchurch for the first
round of TTs. The weather was awesome.
Micah, Campbell and I had some close races.
I won two races with Campbell winning the
other, so I just sit in front on points.
I went to the Junior Worlds training squad
on the eighth and ninth of May, which was a
full-on couple of days on and off the bike. On
the way home we called in to Foxton for the
Wellington Champs.
The weather wasn’t very good to us, but
you get those days. I managed a fourth and
second, for fourth overall. The overall was as
close as I had ever seen before with first to
fourth split by one point. Dion won overall and
also cleaned up the 125s.

Finally I have been extremely lucky and am
rapt to have a new sponsor, Sportspro with
their Fox and Scott products. Thanks a lot
guys for taking me on board the team. Sportspro
have already sent me down new Fox
racing gear, Fox gear bag, Scott goggle case,
new goggles, stickers and everything.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped
out over the last couple of months.

See ya’ at the track soon.
Courtney Duncan #8