Tuesday, June 16


from Darren Sweetman - Hampton Downs Ride Days.

A week is a long time in construction - particularly when you are
waiting for a new racetrack to open! The site has progressed
well. The metal base layer onto which the seal is laid, is going
down well, with about 1/3 of the 2.8 km National circuit now done.
The pit paddock is also looking a lot flatter and the lime stabiliser
application is progressing well in that area. In addition, the
stabilising process is well under way on the car park areas.
Rain. There is no way that this update cannot mention the rain as
a substantial amount of the stuff has decided to visit the venue
over the last week. It is poor weather that is holding up the
opening of the facility. An opening date cannot be confirmed at
this stage but once the seal is down Hampton Downs Ride Days
will be under way shortly thereafter.
Please contact us to confirm your place on this historic event.
Rider Safety
In the USA, the California Superbike School is training an
incredibly talented 125 GP rider who won 5 national titles in 2008,
holds the lap record at one circuit, and has a race brain that
many racers would envy. This rider has just turned 12 years old,
his name is Peter Lenz. (www.peterlenz.com)
A few weeks ago, Peter had a mechanical failure on his bike that
resulted in him hitting a tyre wall at speed. Peter suffered multiple
broken bones, a severed nerve in his arm and the usual bruising
and abrasions. These injuries would have been substantially
worse had Peter not been wearing all the right safety equipment.
A new fitted Arai helmet every season and quality leathers with
body armour saved him from more severe injuries. Peter’s body
armour had impact marks in it that proved that the armour had
done its job.
The hire gear that is available for use at both Hampton Downs
Ride Days and The California Superbike School, meets the
highest safety standards. Arai helmets, Teknic leathers with CE
certified armour and Alpinestar boots and gloves are our brands
of choice when it comes to safety gear. So if you want to try
some of the best safety gear available, please give us a call.

Flag Marshals
We will require flag marshals for our
Hampton Downs track events. If you are
interested in helping out and riding on the day,
please let us know and we can give you the