Friday, June 12


If you’re fascinated by agriculture or horticulture or even if it’s only culture associated with engine combustion and typical kiwi ingenuity and have considered spending your Saturday meandering around Mystery Creek, then you will be pumped to know KR is there onsite for a good ol’ chin wag! (Pic: Linda G and Todd S on high alert)

Located at site E3, KiwiRider was sharing space within Northern Accessories impressive display of everything involved with their Dirt Guide and their newly launched ATV Guide. They had a massive display of product on sale and were generating a lot of interest.

Northern Accessories have a heap of Fielday specials on and have even kitted up two Honda ATV’s with some of their latest ATV Guide product to grade and blade their personal specifically built manpit as seen below with Damon spreading some Waikato sand abroad a CycleCountry kitted Honda Motorcycles NEw Zealand ATV.

There’s even a very trick looking Yamaha Rhino 700 supplied by Yamaha Motors NZ and fitted with almost every Northern Accessory and CycleCountry product that can bolt onto the impressive utility.

(Check out the photos above and below...mags, swamper tyres, lighting system, bash guards, gun rack, tail bed extender the lot what a beast!)

I was totally amazed at the sheer number of people in attendance over the past two days and if the Fielday’s are anything to go by there isn’t a hint of recession to be found inside the Mystery Creek fencing.

Despite the gloomy weather people are filling the venue like locusts – where else do you get mobs of eager deal hunters traipsing around in the mud looking at everything from vegetable peelers to GPS guided bulldozers.

One stand caught my eye during a lunch time stroll was this very cool looking vehicle attachment called the FoxWing.

It’s one of the latest products to come out of a recent combination between Rhino-Rack and Oztent featuring a patented one piece awning that swings out in seconds to shade the entire side and rear of your vehicle.

It can be mounted to almost any 4WD or van by simply bolting it to your existing rack system. You merely unclip the carry bag, pull out the top rod, start walking around your vehicle and then secure the lot with telescopic pegs. You can even zip in sidewalls or specifically made OzTents!

Hopefully with a little persuasion I can convince the boys at MOFAC to bolt one onto my VW T5 van – I think they’re an ingenious unit perfect for the pits or adventure holiday!

Unfortunately mother nature has cast its rain spell and the outlook for the end of the week is looking bleak. If you’re considering popping along to Fielday’s 2009 then pack the waterproofs, red bands and some spare cash for those unbeatable whitebait fritters – perfect on a cold wet day. There’s plenty on offer going cheap as chips, ample cover from the elements and inconsumable amounts of free tea and coffee if ya know where to find it!