Thursday, June 25


Hi Everyone,
This month I have decided to share with you what my thoughts are on the dreaded words ‘Arm Pump.’ Like most of you, I have at some time or another suffered from this and as you may already know, it’s not a nice feeling. Do you feel or have you felt that annoying burning sensation or consistent cramping in your forearms during or after riding a moto? Does it make you ease up on the gas when this happens? If you answered yes – read on!


Arm pump has plagued dirt bike riders for years so rest assured you are not alone. Phew! Basically Arm Pump is a result of contractions, which prevent the blood fl owing into the muscles, resulting in the build up of potassium and inorganic phosphate which, apparently, cannot be flushed away from the muscle by your blood. The main muscles used to fl ex the wrist are also used when flexing the fingers, so when you’re gripping the handlebars and repeatedly pulling the clutch, the muscles are working overtime and tire very quickly.


Now here is what I think helps to stop it!!
1. Remember to stretch your forearms before you ride (in nearly every other sport people do warm ups before hand – even golfers!!)
2. Ride regularly
3. Relax as much as possible whilst riding the bike AND remember to breath evenly.
4. Wear a quality brand of good fitting gloves, not too tight as this may restrict your blood fl ow (I use and can recommend Fox gloves).
5. Fit slightly smaller hand grips as it is generally easier to grip a smaller diameter one rather than a bigger one. Try experimenting with different sizes to find out which ones work for you the best.
6. DON’T whatever you do grip TOO TIGHT – the so-called ‘Death Grip” is not good!! (this is where the smaller grips may help).
Quite often you can see me doing my arm stretches on the start line, anywhere is better than none! I hope this may be of some help to you.


Most of you will know by now that I have suffered a serious knee injury. If you didn’t know, here’s what the problem is. My knee surgeon has confirmed that I had broken both the ACL and the MCL ligaments in my knee. However the good news is that the MCL has already healed itself, but the ACL is taking a bit longer to heal as it’s the bigger of the two ligaments, so another two weeks of daily gym exercises will see me 100% fit and back to my old self again. Until next time stay safe and ride well.

Hamish Dobbyn #3