Tuesday, June 9


The Publisher is coming to take the Rocket III.
Later this week, I think, when he comes down to the Agricultural Field Days.

I'll try to get a last ride in tomorrow (possibly the only Insurance Underwriter anywhere using a Rocket III for business calls). I'm amazed to find that the hardest part of using the beast as a daily ride is backing it out of the garage (and avoiding the neglected KTM).

This is the second modern Triumph I've had my hands on, the first being the Scrambler. I have to say I am very impressed with the fit, finish and downright usability of both Triumphs. Both of them completely blew away any prejudices I had about Triumph and the bikes they build (hell, I took the Scrambler on the Capital Coast Adventure Ride and it shone).

I'll miss the Behemoth, and I suspect it's spoiled me for any other cruisers.

I'm thinking that a Harley or Metric Cruiser is gonna feel insipid and small compared to the Rocket. I also doubt that they'll be as balanced or poised around town, or as outrageous in concept.

And speaking of outrageous, I was on Trade Me last night, and stumbled upon this:

A 2006 Rocket III with a nitrous kit...!!!

I think I want to meet the guy that built this, but it would be with some trepidation...what sort of hard bastard thinks that a Rocket III is not enough bike?!

And then it struck me - there are only two guys on the planet this tough.
As I'm pretty sure that Richie McCaw doesn't ride - surely this must be Chuck Norris' bike..?!