Tuesday, June 9


What a buzz. I had a good time and my son couldn't stop raving about how much he enjoyed it.

The Waitamata Motorcycle club has been putting their Family days on for some time now. All the same, after attending a less popular Riverhead Family day a month or so back, I was struck by just how many youngsters get along to these Woodhill days.

It's hard to beat a day out dirt biking at the best of times but the effort the club puts in almost had me blushing with embarassment when 8 year Ryan began thanking me for giving him such a good day out.

Maybe its popularity is because the nature of Woodhill means that even if it rains, (it didn't) things don't get too tough. That or the fact that the club always lays on a good mix of loops with clear signs to show how long they are and what grade. Maybe it was because this time it was just Ryan and I.

Whatever the reason I got a kick out of actually being able to take my son out on an adult like loop and seeing him enjoy himself.

Being more of a road bike type guy, I am always stunned at how much fun and how relatively cheap dirt biking is, even for a squid.

I'm sure there are plenty of clubs out their doing just as good a job. Thanks to every one of you!

Click on the blue writing if you want to check out what's coming up at the Waitemata Club

Thanks again to everyone at the club and Mr Kawasaki for the use of the KX250F. I might not be much of 4 stroke fan but those 250F's make me feel like a gun.

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