Thursday, June 11


Daytona 675 scores fourth straight Supertest win!!!

Triumph's groundbreaking Daytona 675 sports machine has lifted the prestigious Supertest 'King of Supersports' award for an unprecedented fourth year in a row.

The event, a collaboration between some of the world's leading motorcycle publications, saw the magazines send their fastest testers to the Almeria circuit in Spain for a back-to-back comparison of the latest sports bikes on a standard specification tyre. Once again, the three-cylinder Triumph proved quicker than the Japanese machines to remain undefeated in the competition, having won first prize every year since the bike's introduction in 2006.

Further confirmation of the updated-for-2009 Daytona 675's superiority came from British weekly newspaper Motorcycle News, which not only declared the Daytona 675 as the best supersport class bike, but the best sports machine of any capacity on the market. In a demanding 2,000 mile comparison test on the iconic Isle of Man TT course, the Triumph was judged superior to the latest 1,000cc offerings from Aprilia, KTM and Yamaha, which MCN had deemed the best in their respective classes.

Commenting on its champion, MCN's editorial said: "The Triumph Daytona charmed us with its mix of real-world ability, brilliant chassis, characterful engine and slick looks. The Triumph is the bike our testers would actually buy. In that regard it's a deserving victor and so takes the title of MCN sports bike of the year."

With its unique three-cylinder engine delivering more torque and a better spread of power than the 600cc four-cylinder machines, the sweet-handling Daytona 675 has earned a reputation for being the class-leader on both road and racetrack, where it has won five national supersport titles including the 2008 British and German series. A full range of Genuine Triumph Accessories and Triumph, engineered with Alpinestars clothing is available to complement the Daytona and provide a complete riding experience for sporting riders.