Friday, July 24


Early Wednesday morning I blogged a leak from America regarding the release of information surrounding the much anticipated 2010 Yamaha YZ250F. I jumped the gun, a little maybe, but I promise it was only in the interest of my keen attitude to the off road world!

So after an email in the afternoon and a call from Peter Payne of Yamaha NZ everything was revealed in an official release of the brand new machine.

I won’t divulge much on what the release details regarding the machine so as to reserve some important refinements for the when the September issue goes to print in several weeks time.

It’s truly exciting times and I just can’t wait to, with all hope and fingers crossed, swing a leg over one of these beasts next week at a little MX track located in Cessnock, NSW, Australia. If I get time I will even blog the day and upload some images!

If you scroll down below you will begin to appreciate the mammoth task Yamaha has been involved in over the last couple of years as they set out to completely redesign the fabled YZ250F. It would make a very interesting timeline expose now wouldn’t it!

Some initial key modifications to note:

1) New bilateral frame

2) All new valve design

3) New engine with refined character

4) New carburettor settings and funnel shape

5) New modified exhaust port

6) New NZ and AUS specific silencers

7) And both the YZ Blue and YZ White NZ and AUS models now come with black anodised rims.

As for theYZ450F.....who knows Yamaha has been extremely tight lipped but you really can’t help but wonder what’s in store for the official release and unveiling next week in Australia – its headed as the “Yamaha Motocross Launch” – that alone can really only mean one thing, brand new models.

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