Saturday, July 4


“BlueShift Motorcycle Co. Launches New Electric Motorcycle”

Traverse City, MI 4/24/2009 – BlueShift Motorcycle Co. has designed a new high performance electric motorcycle for the US market. The motorcycle is currently available for pre-order from their website: for anyone who wants to harness 200 lb. ft. of torque coming out of the electric motor.

“Battery technology has finally reached a point where we can match or exceed what gasoline motorcycles can do.”, claims CEO Tommy Hills. BlueShift Motorcycle Co. believes that the torque and performance electric motors offer is perfect for what makes high performance motorcycle riding fun. The BlueShift motorcycle is meant to compete in the heavyweight muscle bike and street fighter categories of the motorcycle market. The massive torque capability of the BlueShift motorcycle and 0 to 60 time of 3 seconds put this motorcycle in the ranks of the most elite and powerful. In addition BlueShift Motorcycle Co. is baking in special design features that help riders customize the look and feel of their motorcycle quickly and easily. Special communications systems and location awareness also are features that will change the way motorcycle owners experience riding on a BlueShift motorcycle.

BlueShift Motorcycle Co. will begin production in 2010.

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