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Double E1 class victory for Meo at GP of Mexico

CH Racing Husqvarna Factory Enduro Team 2009
World Enduro Championship '09 - Round 6, Valle de Bravo, Mexico, 18-19.7.2009

Frenchman Antoine Meo has given Husqvarna its first TE 250 powered World Enduro Championship race victory with a sensational double Enduro 1 class winning result at the GP of Mexico, round six of the '09 WEC series. Agonisingly close to claiming his first WEC victory at the recent GP of Slovakia, Antoine continued his good form in Valle de Bravo to stand on top of the E1 class podium ahead of Mika Ahola on both days. Joining Antoine in enjoying success in the '09 World Enduro Championship's only non-European event was Seb Guillaume. Topping the Enduro 3 class on day one Seb returned to form having struggled to perform at his best in recent events following a crash at the GP of Finland.

Giving himself and the CH Racing Husqvarna team much to be pleased about Meo did on day one what he had been threatening to do at the last two GPs - finish at the very top of the Enduro 1 class. Although winning just five of the first full day's 11 special tests Meo placed no lower than third in class on any test, which ensured he remained in the hunt for victory. In winning the final test of day one by three seconds he secured his first ever WEC victory. On day two Meo found things difficult. Sick for three days prior to the start of the race Antoine became tired soon after the start but knowing that a second race win was within his grasp gave his all to ensure he again arrived at the end of the day fighting for the win. Although not winning any of the special tests on the final lap, Meo's hard work early in the day ensured he claimed his second ever WEC victory.

Competing as the CH Racing Husqvarna team's lone Enduro 2 class rider due to Finn Matti Seistola having to undergo knee surgery, Bartosz Oblucki's GP of Mexico didn't go exactly to plan as a big crash early on day one spoiled his event. Riding extremely well prior to his crash, Bartosz was forced to fight his way through the two days with the help of pain killing injections. Fourth on day one, on day two things got really hard for Bart' but he fought his way to the end of the day and finished eighth.

Finally putting the crash he sustained at the GP of Finland firmly behind him Seb Guillaume enjoyed a near perfect opening day as he piloted his WR 300 to a well-deserved Enduro 3 class win. Enjoying the Mexican event, and the long motocross test in particular, Seb took an early class lead and maintained his position at the front of the throughout the day. Seb's eventual winning margin was 11 seconds. On day two Seb was one of many riders to feel less than 100 per cent. After a long, hard first day Seb was unable to start day two as he'd finished day one but upped his pace as the day wore on and claimed third, ensuring a second, deserved, visit to the podium.

Antoine Meo - Enduro 1: “It's been a fantastic weekend for me. Winning on day one was really special because it was my first ever WEC victory. The Husqvarna team and myself have worked really hard this season and to finally win is really great. I had a really good day on day one. Mika had some problems in the morning and lost 10 seconds but I won by 12 seconds. I rode well all day and felt good. Day two was also good. I was sick for three days before the race and I started to feel really tired half way through the second day. Mika was pushing really hard but I managed to stay ahead of him and win again. I am really happy for Husqvarna and the team. I'm also pleased to give the TE 250 its first WEC victory.”

Bartosz Oblucki - Enduro 2: “I crashed really heavily on the motocross test on lap two of the first day and badly injured my right thumb. It was really difficult after that. I had a good opening lap so I was pushing hard to try and win the day. After my crash I was in fourth, and I had a good lead ahead of the riders behind me, so I am pleased that I was able to finish in that position. Day two was much harder. I had four different pain killing injections during the day, but it was still really hard to hold on because the track was so rough. I just wanted to try and score some points, which I managed to do. I'm happy with fourth and eight place results because it could have easily been a no-point weekend after the crash. I'd really like to thank the event organiser Sergio Diaz and his family and Husqvarna Mexico for their support and help.”

Seb Guillaume - Enduro 3: “The first day was really good for me. I decided just to take things easy on the Super Test and then eased my way into the first day's competition. The motocross test was perfect for me so I pushed really hard and I finished 10 seconds ahead of the other riders. I knew then that I could do well. I pushed hard but I stayed within my limits and although it was close at the end of the day it was great to win. I didn't have any problems or crashes on day one. After the disappointing results in Finland and Slovakia it was good to have a podium result again. Day two was really hard. I didn't have a great opening lap but after that I got stronger. I had a good fight with Samuli Aro on the last lap and managed to finish on the podium again in third.”

Results - 2009 World Enduro Championship
Grand Prix of Mexico - Day 1

Enduro 1
1. Antoine Meo (CH Racing Husqvarna) 1.17:22.14; 2. Mika Ahola (Honda) 1.17:35.11; 3. Julien Gauthier (Honda) 1.17:46.83; 4. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 1.18:19.50; 5. Simone Albergoni (KTM) 1.18:31.89; 6. Eero Remes (KTM) 1.20:40.73; 7. Michael Goeters (KTM) 1.33:00.51; 8. Jose Rubio (Yamaha) 1.42:21.46; 9. Luis Wahn (Yamaha) 1.45:06.96; 10. Jose Vivanco (KTM) 1.45:09.63; 11. Daniel Vega (KTM) 1.51:30.30

Enduro 2
1. Johnny Aubert (KTM) 1.17:25.96; 2. Juha Salminen (BMW) 1.17:58.68; 3. Rodrig Thain (TM) 1.18:29.14; 4. Bartosz Oblucki (CH Racing Husqvarna) 1.18:59.46; 5. Alessandro Belometti (KTM) 1.19:42.20; 6. Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha) 1.20:12.93; 7. Homero Diaz (KTM) 1.20:24.94; 8. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 1.21:01.49: 9. Valtteri Salonen (Husaberg) 1.21:34.29; 10. Chris Birch (KTM) 1.22:08.77

Enduro 3
1. Seb Guillaume (CH Racing Husqvarna) 1.16:21.57; 2. Ivan Cervantes (KTM) 1.16:32.73; 3. Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) 1.16:46.83; 4. Samuli Aro (KTM) 1.17:26.24; 5. Fabio Mossini (Honda) 1.18:18.01; 6. Nathan Kanney (KTM) 1.20:15.21; 7. Bjorne Carlsson (Husaberg) 1.20:29.71; 8. Marcus Kehr (KTM) 1.20:41.44; 9. Alberto Quijano (KTM) 1.26:26.43; 10. Rayner Caballeros (KTM) 1.20:15.29; 11. Jarkko Vainio (KTM) 1.35:54.50; 12. Oscar Assmar (KTM) 1.41:02.59

Results - 2009 World Enduro Championship
Grand Prix of Mexico - Day 2

Enduro 1
1. Antoine Meo (CH Racing Husqvarna) 1.21:05.12; 2. Mika Ahola (Honda) 1.21:05.27; 3. Simone Albergoni (KTM) 1.23:02.12; 4. Julien Gauthier (Honda) 1.23:27.11; 5. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 1.23:33.00; 6. Eero Remes (KTM) 1.23:44.69; 7. Luis Wahn (Yamaha) 1.38:55.30; 8. Jorge Aguilar (KTM) 1.39:23.52; 9. Jose Robio (Yamaha) 1.39:25.73; 10. Jose Vivanco (KTM) 1.45:41.94

Enduro 2
1.Johnny Aubert (KTM) 1.21:29.11; 2. Juha Salminen (BMW) 1.22:12.33; 3. Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha) 1.22:58.05; 4. Rodrig Thain (TM) 1.23:16.51; 5. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 1.23:28.48; 6. Valtteri Salonen (Husaberg) 1.24:01.26; 7. Alessandro Belometti (KTM) 1.24:03.83; 8. Bartosz Oblucki (CH Racing Husqvarna) 1.25:18.84; 9. Homero Diaz (KTM) 1.25:37.59; 10. Chris Birch (KTM) 1.28:40.71; 11. Erwin Plekkenpol (Honda) 1.28:57.29; 12. Mike Hartman (Husaberg) 1.29:33.87; 13. Patrick Garrahan (KTM) 1.31:17.57; 14. Jaime Garcia (KTM) 1.32:48.20; 15. Juan Reyes (KTM) 1.33:34.41; 16. Anuar Ruiz (Kawasaki) 1.34:22.58; 17. Jose Vanzzini (KTM) 1.35:15.89; 18. Javier Araya (BMW) 1.36:34.43; 19. Cusi Sanchez (BMW) 1.36:58.61; 20. Patrick Reyes (KTM) 1.38:23.88

Enduro 3
1. Ivan Cervantes (KTM) 1.20:40.74; 2. Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) 1.20:59.22; 3. Seb Guillaume (CH Racing Husqvarna) 1.21:34.08; 4. Samuli Aro (KTM) 1.21:35.19; 5. Fabio Mossini (Honda) 1.22:34.60; 6. Nate Kanney (KTM) 1.28:30.11; 7. Alberto Quijano (KTM) 1.32:18.12; 8. Rayner Caballeros (KTM) 1.37:12.56; 9. Jarkko Vainio (KTM) 1.37:37.18; 10. Antonio Guillen (KTM) 1.47:48.43