Tuesday, October 6


It was as early as the Lommel round of the Motocross MX1 World Championship back in August that the then rumors started flying through the pits about Josh Coppins future as a professional racer.

At first their were signs JC could well be on his way home down-under to compete in the New Zealand and Australian race seasons. Then the media went nuts over a possible sighting of JC arriving at a private Aprilia test track fully clothed in MX gear, jumping into a van then back out onto the track for a few laps, before hoping straight back into the same car he turned up in still in his MX gear and leaving. One final rumor clouded JC returning back to his old Honda stomping ground riding for CAS Honda in 2010 - with CAS Honda still looking to fill one position on the team, it could well be a possibility.

At this stage in his career he will no doubt be looking for the best contract that will benefit the Josh Coppin's brand. We have all heard how tight the economy is over in Europe and America, let alone in the South Pacific, which has left many international riders pondering 'do I take a pay cut or do I stand by my laurels and demand what possibly the industry seems incapable of producing at this point in time'.

Josh Coppins is pondering no more. His future in the world of professional Motocross for 2010 is cemented. Look out for Josh Coppins all-revealing column in the November issue of Kiwi Rider due in your letterbox on the 15th of October!