Tuesday, October 13


Men throughout New Zealand are being asked to join the White Ribbon Ride led by the Super Maori Fullas and Patriots Defence Force Motorcycle Club as part of White Ribbon Day.
The ride, organised by the Families Commission as part of the White Ribbon campaign, begins in Wellington on 25 November and takes four separate routes through eastern, western and the central North Island. The riders will join together at ASB Bank Stadium in Auckland on 27 November. From there it is expected around 1,000 riders will travel together to Bream Bay, Whangarei.
Super Maori Fulla Mervyn Rawiri says, “This is an opportunity for men to stand up and say they do not condone violence against women and children”.
“By participating in the ride, men can help to raise awareness and at the same time pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women,” says Mervyn.
The brothers grew up the Super Māori Fulla way – surrounded by love and respect. Now they are using the visibility and mobility of their bikes to encourage all New Zealanders to show that they are against violence towards women and children.
“We hope that by drawing attention to the issue with our bikes, our ride we will reach people in a new way,” says Mervyn.
The Super Maori Fullas will be supported by the Patriot Motorcycle Club whose members are drawn from the men and woman in the New Zealand Defence Forces. The Patriots are all former or serving members of the New Zealand Defence Forces. Shane Henry, Patriot and former combat soldier says, “New Zealand is seen as a peacekeeping nation and our members have a background of serving their country. We now want to play a part in reducing violence in our own neck of the woods and we’re proud to support the White Ribbon Ride.”
“Our role on this ride will be to act as the ‘road captains and tail end charlies’ and assist the Super Maori Fullas with logistical support for the ride” says Shane.
The four rides will visit over 35 towns and cities across the North Island picking up riders on their way north. At many of the ‘meet and greet’ locations, events have been planned and the public will have the opportunity to meet the riders.
To participate in the ride, register at https://webmail.nzfamilies.org.nz/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.whiteribbon.org.nz/. Riders are also asked to bring items of canned food which will be donated to Women’s Refuge. For further information please visit the website.
“Like the yellow markings on a road, there are some lines you don’t cross”, says Roger. “White Ribbon Day is an opportunity for men to say violence against women and children is a line men won’t cross. Join us on the White Ribbon Ride”.