Sunday, November 22


Words: Todd S.
Pic and related coverage:

Fantastic, brilliant and all those other superlatives. That was the sixth round of the Australian Super X championship run in Hamilton's 'Rugby Park' last night.

The spectacle that is Supercross (but for this series called Super 'X' as in the letter for some unknown, one suspects marketing reason)is hard to beat no matter what your thoughts on motorcycling might be.

The outrageous jumps, quick fire race programme and engineered or otherwise hype make it compelling viewing, and then there was the 'Kiwi' component.

The 'lights' class had newly crowned MX champion, Michael Phillips riding for 'a bit of fun'. That bit fun resulted in the closest, nail biting racing of the event. Phillips holding out 'the Aussie', Dan Anderson to win the round. Anderson closing to less than 2/10's of a second at the flag.

In the 'open class', series owner and until last night, runner up, Chad Reed put on a great show, taking the wins in all 4 points scoring races. Reed was in class of his own and now leads the championship with a run into it's final round in Brisbane.

I hope the rest of those watching the event thought it as good as I did. It would be tragic for it not to return and any of the quoted 12,800 strong crowd I'm sure will tell you as much.