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Win, Win Day for Team Honda NZ at Nationals Motocross

Arriving as leaders to both MX1 and MX2 Championships, Team Honda was focused on making it a consistent weekend to follow a consistent season of podiums and no mechanical DNFs.

As it was not the foregone conclusion the stats might have lead some to believe, the teamwork and preparation really needed to count today - and it did. A short season at four venues this year meant a DNF in any Moto can have a disastrous effect for anyone's lead, so the Honda CRFs also had to perform well and stay on the podiums - which they again also did.

Taranaki is known for toppling leaders at the last round, as the last three seasons have shown that. So on proven 2009 model CRF race bikes the Honda team achieved greatness in the rain this weekend to leave as Champions twice with the two crowns they were so close to when they arrived at the well groomed but muddy track.

The Red Riders took apart the championship challenges from the Suzuki teams and united they showed their excellent riding skills.

Honda rider Peter Broxholme, won overall for the day in MX2 250cc, with Championship leader teammate Michael Phillips getting runner up 2nd and clinching the crown doing enough to see off Scott Columb, Suzuki.

In MX1 Justin McDonald, Honda, brought his 2009 bike from the South Island to get 2nd Overall Runner up for the day behind Cody Cooper, Suzuki who won the day. But again, McDonald riding clever and doing enough to keep the points gap from earlier rounds won the championship.

Both trophies are also attributable to Team Manager mentoring from Shayne King and the Honda Motorcycles NZ team who've helped the riders finish with typical Honda precision engineering and planning. Team Manager Shayne King commented "Wow! What a weekend for Honda; all the team rode amazing in the conditions. Justin winning the MX1 and Michael winning MX2 it sure made for a fun series. But, also both Peter and Cameron were true team players throughout I am just so happy."

The week of recovery work since Patetonga proved to work well for MX1 1st place winner Justin McDonald. Justin was right when he said "I feel this is my year". McDonald went on to add "As expected the weather was wet which meant that I had to ride smart. I would like to thank my sponsors, team manager Shayne King and Honda. Without there support this wouldn't have been possible".

MX2 winner Michael Phillips said "It was a tough weekend with the hard and slippery weather conditions. Both Justin and I rode smart and came away with the titles. A big thank you goes out to the team, Shayne King, our mechanics and all other team members."

Peter Broxholme added "It was a good weekend racing and I am happy with my placing, especially as we won on the 09 bikes. I am looking forward to the 2010 championship".

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Championship Final Results of the 2009 Demon Energy NZ MX Champs

1. Justin McDonald (Honda)
2. Cody Cooper (Suzuki)
3. Brad Groombridge (Suzuki)

1. Michael Phillips (Honda)
2. Scott Columb (Suzuki)
3. Peter Broxholme (Honda)

Source: Honda NZ