Tuesday, January 19


By Jos Mason.
What a scorcher of a day!
BADD supporters came from all over including Tauranga, New Plymouth and Napier to assist Salvation Army’s food banks, and peruse at leisure, some dramatic racing from NZ’s best, up and coming and club level riders alike at the inaugural BADD 3-Hour Endurance Race.
And lest we forget, our Aussie entrants, which saw Robbie Phillis unfortunately withdraw in the fortnight prior; Paul Gaskin and Joel Reed!

This year attracted a remarkable full grid – 32 teams plus reserves, with many entrants from last year’s 3-Hour coming back for another go at the title.

The word ‘Endurance’ describes many competitors this year. Particularly those who raced the previous day at the legendary Wanganui Cemetary Circuit for points, and  facing the following day’s points racing - the final of the Tri-series.

 Andrew Stroud 7x NZ Superbike champ who would go on to become the Tri-Series F1 winner, joined us for the 3-Hour, alongside team-mates, Kevin Kingham and Greg Dodunski.
A  young man on the move - Glen Skachill; last year’s 3-Hour winner, with frantic repairs from Wanganui’s Cemetary Circuit crash and some challenging pit stops, saw Glen and teammate, Sam Smith fly into 6th place. And then the following day, going on to win the F2 class of the Tri-Series.

Jeremy Holmes and Hayden Fitzgerald saw the Honda Team finish in the same place as ‘08 - 2nd Place.
The Biggles/Wiggles combo – Marcus Beagley and Mark Wigley came in fourth up from 6th place in last year’s 3-Hour.

Sandra Stannova showed the boys how do it, along with teammate Adrian Cox coming in 5th place.
Fantastic to see our first ladies team entered - Susan Ure, Tamasin Beattie. Go the Girls, awesome effort!
Superman Micheal Pera completed the final 20 minutes with cracked ribs.
Sadly Fred Merkels team race ended early with a DNF!

The accolade of course goes to Mr Sloan Frost, who submitted his entry on the day, for “a bit of practice” for the Final Round of the Tri-Series coming in first place, not only for the coveted ‘Superman’ trophy, but, also the overall title win.

Sloan completed 105 laps in 2 hours 57m10.38, with fastest lap time of 1m33.48

”I entered the race 10 minutes before the start. I figured it would be good to get a bit of track time before R3 of the Tri Series, so I thought I’d just ride till I got tired.
I came in for my first pit stop, but forgot that I didn’t have a pit crew!
I actually pulled in after 2hrs and told my dad I’d had enough because I was bored, then he told me I was actually winning, so I did another few laps. I didn’t really know what place I was; until I saw the chequered flag come out for me. STOKED!”

Following the 3-Hour Race there was a ‘podium finish’ prize giving, complete with B.A.D.D Girls and Moet, a fantastic BBQ meal and band for the Riders Reunion and Competitors.
Free camping was put to good use over two nights.
Congratulations to all competitors, and a big thank you for another day’s dramatic and legendary racing.
On a final note a quote from this year’s fourth place winner Marcus Beagley “I expect this event to become bigger and bigger!”
Many thanks to those who donated funds to the BADD Charity for this year’s upcoming projects and to those that donated food items to Salvation Army Food bank.
Thanks to NZSRA and the BADD_3-Hour Organisers – Chris Lawrance and Andy Scrivener.
Thanks to the Ralliests from Tauranga, New Plymouth and Napier who joined us.
Thanks Also to Sponsors and Supporters Suzuki NZ, Hauraki FM, Kiwiracer, Kiwirider, Bayride Motorcycles Tauranga, Novus Mount Maunganui, Go Fast Nutritional Drink, Design Booth, C1webdesigns, BADD Team, including the BADD Girls and AutoCycle Refinishers Tauranga.

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