Friday, June 4


Imminent media release from Kawasaki

With the popularity of electronic fuel injection paving a new direction in Motocross performance, Kawasaki has taken its incredibly sound KX250F package of 2010 and gone one better. Introducing the all-new 2011 Kawasaki KX250F with EFi.

There are nearly 30 upgrades to the 2011 Kawasaki KX250F, reflecting the rigor of testing and development happening at Kawasaki. Engineers started with what’s arguably the gold standard in 250-class racing – the 2010 KX250F – winner of the 2010 AMA East and West Supercross Lites titles.

Loads of engine modifications have made the latest KX an absolute corner-to-corner screamer. Refinements to the 249cc single include higher compression, a modified top on the exclusive Bridged-Box Bottom piston, higher valve lift, longer spark plug design, and a new coil that offers a hotter and longer-lasting spark. And, the addition of Digital Fuel Injection (DFI®) produces stunning – and more useable – power. The system automatically adjusts to suit track and climate conditions, even when the going gets rough.

An optional ECU Setting Tool allows racers to select from several different ECU data maps or fine tune a custom map. The tool can also record up to six hours of data, including engine rpm, degree of throttle opening, coolant and air temperatures, ignition timing, fuel adjustments, gear position and system voltage.

Headlining the chassis changes on the KX250F is Kawasaki’s new Separate Function Fork. Instead of a conventional fork design, the SFF separates spring and damping duties (one in each leg) for improved performance, less friction, lower weight and easier adjustability. The right leg has the spring, with a larger main spring/rod assembly than traditional forks; the left leg handles damping, with rebound and compression damping adjustable on the fork tube.

As for ergonomics, the KX250F’s bodywork offers riders a slim interface and a natural positioning that make going fast a simple affair. The upgraded seat provides excellent seated grip and rider mobility, and features firm urethane foam to hold its shape longer.

+ New Digital Fuel Injection (DFI®) system allows consistent fuel delivery, quick starts and easy adjustability; prevents engine hesitation after landing from jumps
+ Optional ECU Setting Tool allows custom tuning and data logging
+ New Showa Separate Function Fork (SFF) divides spring and damping functions – springing in the right leg and damping in left provide less friction, better performance and easier adjustability
+ Revised suspension settings front and rear aimed at race-experienced riders
+ Increased engine performance via higher compression and exhaust/intake changes
+ Super-hard titanium nitride coating on the outside of the inner fork tubes reduces stiction and improves suspension action, while also helping to prevent scratches and tube damage
+ High-performance piston featuring bridged-box-bottom design
+ Engine tuned to achieve the widest possible torque band, maximizing traction through more of the rev range
+ Stainless steel exhaust features longer header section and larger-volume muffler, quieting emissions to 94 dB