Wednesday, July 7


Rumours were rife all over the web that Husaberg were developing a brand new 2-stroke range with odd-ball engine capacities, direct injection and unique 4-stroke type exhausts. While it seems direct injection, odd-ball engine capacities and strange exhuast pipes will have to stay just that - rumour - Husaberg have now officially released a 2-stroke range.

Most likely derived from the KTM 250EXC and 300EXC range, Husaberg's brand new electric start TE250 and TE300 with user selectable maps will surely get the enduro pit tongues wagging!

Below is an excerpt from the official Husaberg press release found over at

"As Husaberg has always stood for innovative technology, lightweight construction and sensational handling, it seemed logical to extend the successful 4-stroke model range to include 2-stroke technology as well. As a result, Husaberg is offering two new models - the TE 250 and TE 300 - for the 2011 model year, both powered by state-of-the-art, high-performance, 2-stroke engines.

Husaberg has therefore also opened up an alternative for those who particularly appreciate the well-known characteristics of 2-stroke bikes, such as minimal weight, superb rideability, a lively power delivery, easy to cope-with technology and, last but not least, the low costs of acquisition and maintenance.

At the heart of the two TE models is a compact and extra-lightweight 2-stroke engine with a displacement of 249 cc or 293.2 cc respectively. These power units are equipped with the finest technology, such as an exhaust power-valve and an adjustable ignition (selectable via a switch fitted as standard to the handlebars), which provide the opportunity to adapt the engine characteristics precisely to the needs of the rider and the terrain. The six-gear transmission is also designed precisely for real enduro use. And not to forget, the smooth hydraulic clutch system by Brembo and the small and light electric starter, which is invaluable above all when the strength of the rider is gradually dwindling away.

Just like the 4-stroke Enduros from Husaberg, the TE models are equipped with the latest upside-down forks from WP, featuring closed-cartridge technology. With a sealed, internal damping unit, these forks guarantee unique sensitivity along with efficient and constant damping characteristics throughout the entire suspension travel.

The PDS shock has been tuned in such a way that the settings completely satisfy all requirements in tough enduro use. Greater comfort and better damping is almost impossible. And those who want to refine the tuning of their suspension even further have the option to adjust the rebound and compression damping in a matter of a few clicks. Furthermore, the PDS shock offers separate compression adjustment for high- and low-speed damping.

The two 2-stroke models have been further refined with other top-class components, including billet machined, black-anodised triple clamps, high-strength DID spoked wheels with CNC-machined hubs, the latest Brembo brake components and high-quality, tapered aluminium handlebars. A strong plastic holder is injection-moulded around the aluminium silencer which can be mounted perfectly to the aluminium subframe.
One clear benefit for the rider is provided by the 11-litre fuel tank that allows long off-road stages to be completed and longer intervals to be taken between pit-stops in multi-hour enduro races. Despite its capacity the polyethylene fuel tank offers excellent Enduro ergonomics.

The new Husaberg 2-stroke bikes, which have been named in accordance with the tried and tested Husaberg nomenclature (FE = Four-stroke Enduro, TE = Two-stroke Enduro), also share the fresh appearance of the other Husaberg offroad models and are clearly recognisable as Husabergs, even at a distance."