Friday, July 9


Here's a release that we fully support:

Hi Everyone,
I am running a series of Guided Trailrides for the second half of 2010.
The rides will start at Tar Hill and travel cross country to Whakamaru and return.
Up to 150ks per day with hardly doing the same track twice.
The ride will follow trails that were used for the ISDE and Trailride tracks in the area and will be suitable for Intermediate to Expert level riders. (Sorry, No Novice Riders.)
Each ride will be limited to 25 riders per day.

  • 24th July
  • 28th August
  • 25th September
  • 30st October
  • 27th November

Start Time 9.30 on the bikes and finish between 3 and 4pm.
Cost $100 per day per rider.
Lunch and transport of fuel will be supplied.
Riders must bring and full tank of gas and a spare 15 litres.
This ride is really great fun with great views and awesome tracks that are in the area. Each ride will vary as different tracks are reopened.
Most of the tracks are single trail in the trees with a few firebreaks and roads in between to link it all up.
I have been running Guided rides for private groups for a long time now, so I think it is time to give the opportunity to others to have a go.
The maximum amount of riders has been set at 25 so the ride can keep moving along. We have to regroup every now and then but stops are kept to a minimum.
So if your keen to have a go email me at  and I will confirm your entry and send you payment details.