Tuesday, September 14


Bikers Rights Organization of New Zealand, would like to announce on behalf of all Branches Nationwide, that a Committee has been formed as BRONZ Federation (Inc.) in a meeting at Lower Hutt on Saturday 11th September 2010.

BRONZ Federation (Inc) is the collective voice to represent ALL BRONZ Branches and of course all of NZ’s motorcyclists with no bias of gender, age, class of license, type of bike, or lifestyle.
The Federation is composed of 2 delegates from each current regional Branch:-
  • Otago – Bob Gillespie and Nat Voight
  • Auckland – Finn Neilsen, Stephen Dodge
  • Timaru – Maurice Jones, TBC
  • Wellington – Brent Hutchison, Byron Cummins
  • Taranaki – Mel Fox, Sandra Heal
  • A Spokesperson for the Federation and a Secretary/Treasurer were also voted in:-
  • Federation Spokesperson - Brent Hutchison
  • Federation Secretary/Treasurer - Kim McGill
The Branches will be the driving force, bringing the issues they face to the Federation for it to take to Government via the appropriate channels. The Federation will communicate back to the Branches on issues it is dealing with that affect us at a national level and request their input.

The newly formed Federation will also be open to communication and cooperative approach from all Motorcycle Organizations in New Zealand to assist in achieving desired and achievable outcomes and representation for all Motorcyclists.

BRONZ as a collective can lay direct claim to having led the National Protest Ride last year, the BIKEOI, with the help and support of its Branches and other groups such as WIMA, Ulysses, HOG and many others.

We continue to contest the need for the levy increase, and have also achieved direct representation on the ACC Motorcycle Safety Levy Establishment Group, overseeing the funds ring-fenced for Motorcycle Safety projects (more info at :- www.acc.co.nz/motorcycle-safety-levy.co.nz )

BRONZ was also invited by the ACC Minister to join the recent visit to Victoria to study the model in place there, and gain understanding of what may work for New Zealand.

The Federation wishes to thank all the BRONZ Regional Branches for their cooperation and support.

Brent Hutchison
BRONZ Federation (Inc) Spokesperson
027 6543 110