Sunday, October 3


WHEN Max Biaggi stepped onto the podium shortly after wrapping up the 2010 Superbike World Championship at Imola, in traditional, time-honoured fashion he was wearing a special T-shirt to celebrate the win.

However Biaggi's commemorative T-shirt was a little bit different to the others as, in addition to the five stars on the front (for four 250cc and one SWC titles), on the back it also had a list of 10 reasons, thought of by the Italian himself, of why he is now the proud holder of five world championships.

For the benefit of Kiwirider readers, here is the full list:

1. I've been chasing a fifth star for a long time
(13 years in fact);

2. I am the first Italian in SWC history to win the world title;

3. I am the first Italian to win a 250cc world championship with an Italian bike (Aprilia) and I
wanted to be the first Italian to win in SWC with an Italian bike (Aprilia);

4. I have the hottest chick as my companion, and this helps! (referring to his current companion, former-Miss Italia, Eleonora Pedron);

5. Enzo Ferrari was wrong, in a big way... (referring to the F1 constructor, who famously said "When a driver becomes a father, he loses one second a lap");

6. I will never stop thanking Ducati for their refusal to sign me in 2009;

7. Aprilia and Piaggio are my second family;

8. Becoming a father has given me exceptional motivation;

9. At well past 39 years of age I can still keep everyone else in line;

10. I owed it to all my fans and the Italians.