Wednesday, November 10


With only a matter of days before the fireworks explode, the start gate drops and the elbow bashing begins inside North Harbour Stadium for Round 4 of the Monster Energy Super-X Series, finally we see the confirmed competitor list.
There was always going to be a loctite strong contingent of Australian Supercross hero's flying trans-Tasman to chase points lead for the championship, every point counts none-the-less. And despite a weak domestic Supercross championship and complete lack training facilities, it’s remarkable to see a handful of NZ's own pro's giving the Auckland round a fair crack.
Mike Alessi
Prime Kiwi talent racing in the Open Class on Saturday night will be Ben Townley, Cody Cooper, Mason Philips and Michael Philips.

Representing the land downunder in the Lites Class on Saturday night will be Jessi Wiki, Peter Broxholme and Craig Smith. And of course don't miss the opportunity to catch internationals such as the Jeff Alessi, Mike Alessi and current SuperX points leader Josh Hansen.
Action begins at 6:30pm on Saturday evening with heats and elimination rounds up first.

The racing format for the Auckland event taken from is as follows:
Open Class: Survival
Riders will compete in 2 x 8 lap heats. Positions 1 to 9 will progress direct to the final.
A 20 lap final will be split across 4 x 6 lap races. After every 6 laps the last 5 competitors will be eliminated until 5 riders are left in one decisive 6 lap sprint. A start clock will begin counting down as soon as the first rider crosses the finish line, forcing trailing riders to sprint through the transition to the starting gate to line-up for the next race.

Lites Class: Triple Challenge
Competitors will compete in 2 x 8 lap heats. Positions 1 to 9 will progress direct to the final.
The final will consist of 3 x 6 lap races, with points awarded for each race and accumulated to find a winner.

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