Thursday, January 13


Thanks for taking 30 seconds to prevent a precedent being set in the Capital, with charges for bike parking. Lets learn from the Aussie experience and pursue Europe where bikes and scooters are a major part of the traffic and parking SOLUTION, Thank you, Pete (Feel free to pass on)Keep motorcycle parking free - sign the petition!
WCC are reviewing the use of on-road motorcycle parking, which may include the introduction of fees / charges.
Do your bit by signing the "keep it free" petition:
Even if you aren't a Wellingtonian - sign the petition.
If parking fees for motorcycles goes ahead here, you can guarantee one council will set a precedent for other councils "justifying" fees to be a nationwide thing.
Here is a link to the policy:
The Policy was drafted September 2007 with an implementation timeframe of 3 - 5 years. The motorcycle section in question is on pg 28 which states:
"f. Review the provision for motorcycle parking, including investigating issues such as quantity of spaces, location, parking price and motorcycle parking provision in town and suburban centres"
PS: Kudos and credit to BRONZ for organising this.