Tuesday, April 19


By Darren Sweetman

The powers that be have decided in their infinite wisdom that we should have two public holidays on the same day. How does that work, do we get one in lieu??

Oh well, not to worry as we are having a Ride Day at Hampton Downs that day anyway. It’s a four day weekend so why not spend 3 days with the family and then come and have some adrenaline charged fun at the race track on Easter Monday/Anzac Day.

As usual we will cater for all types of bikes and speed groups. We will be running a first timers program to help those Ride Day virgins to have a great day and make them feel more comfortable in this new environment. We have bikes and gear available for hire and we have tires available on site if you need some.

To book your spot please go to www.hamptondownsridedays.co.nz

Our upcoming events are as follows:

Monday 25th April – Anzac Day/Easter Monday
Saturday 14th May
Sunday 22nd May
Sunday 12th June
Sunday 10th July

Come along and have some fun with us.

Enjoy the Ride