Monday, May 9


Motorcycle Safety Body Unveils Website Plans & ‘Moto NZ’ Brand

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council, under the Chairmanship of Dr Gareth Morgan, is moving quickly to establish communication channels with New Zealand riders.

A website is under development and a brand is being established that better reflects the status of the organisation.

“We didn’t want to proceed with a name like The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council,” says Morgan. “It doesn’t reflect what we are really all about, which is motorcyclists being in control of the options we take. It sounds like a government department, which we are not. We are an organisation that represents motorcyclists, which the government has given opportunity and support to.”

The new brand is an acronym: “Motorcyclists Own The Options” or, MOTO_ NZ. “It’s simple, short and the sort of name riders are familiar with,” says Morgan. “It also tells it like it is. We want riders to understand that MOTO NZ is all about us - bikers, scooter and moped riders - owning the decisions. We have a fund of money that we have all put into, and we have government help to organise it. Now it’s up to us to own the options and make them happen.” The brand name is accompanied by a positioning statement along similar lines: “Our money, our priorities”

The new MOTO NZ brand will make its appearance on the website, currently under construction. The site has two broad purposes, according to Morgan. “First, it’s where riders can go to know what actions are being taken and their status. Second, it’s where motorcyclists - or anyone else with sound, well-considered plans - can contribute.”

In the initial stages, visitors to the site can register to be kept informed on developments. Once the first set of plans are under way, it will then act as a conduit for ideas and tenders going to the council.

“The intention is two-way traffic,” affirms Morgan. “We’re not short of ideas right now. In fact, we’re brimming with them - the sort of ideas many of us get frustrated about because they seem common-sense but they’re not happening. Our main areas of focus are roading improvements, like black spots, and ways to up rider skills and knowledge. Improved awareness of the riders perspective by the general driving public is also a relevant area for us.”

MOTO’s website now live at