Thursday, May 26


Cool press release! With more electric vehicle developments every day, this really is impressive:

Sponsors, media and friends!

We have been working 12-hour days in advance of our historic entry into the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb...with amazing results!

This weekend, on Saturday May 21, we were at Auto Club Speedway for a day of testing as follows:

Complete testing and finalize our wheelie control software (remember we are taming 400 ft/lbs of torque!)
Test a rear fin to combat high speed buffeting (worked well at high speeds)
Test customized extensions to our swingarm to improve stability
Test tires for Pikes Peak
Test suspension settings for Pikes Peak

Present at the test along with me were:
Chief Engineer Ben Ingram
Race Engineer Robert Ussery
Crew Chief Jimmy Summers

The results of the test day were incredible - most notably our extended swingarm design has virtually transformed the superbike into a beautifully handling racebike so much improved that it feels like the "successor" to the bike I've been riding!  The longer wheelbase still handles very well through tight turns and quick transitions, but makes massive improvements to stability and also allows us to run an additional 40 NM without wheeling - the extra torque simply goes to improving our already devastating acceleration!

Combined with Ben Ingram's wheelie control software (which worked like a charm), the bike is more stable while laying down more torque, with no wheelies, and giving me some vastly improved rideability.  Its so good, I'm relighting a fire under some future roadracing events this year where we can go head to head with 600cc and even 1000cc superbikes to show just how good a bike we have developed.  On Saturday, I was able to pass 1000cc superbikes at will on the track by simply driving around them - the acceleration is unrelenting!

I only have a week to go before we tow out to Colorado Springs for the official 2-day test June 4th and 5th and so all hands are on deck to make final preparations.  Thanks to Mike Fitzgerald from Thermosman Suspension (Ohlins Dealer) who is not only customizing our Ohlins shocks and springs to handle the longer swingarm forces, but is also flying to Colorado for race week to support our race team!

Following the June 4-5 test, I'm home for about 10 days to make final changes, then towing back for race week June 21-26.  We have some big plans for our booth at the Pikes Peak Fan Fest on Friday June 24th from 5-10 PM in downtown Colorado Springs, where 35,000 fans are expected.  We will be signing commemorative posters and showing off the electric superbike in person as well as playing on-board videos and music in our 32 foot booth!  We will also be doing a press conference at UQM Technologies corporate offices in Longmont, Colorado.  The race is Sunday June 26th and I'm scheduled to be the first motorcycle to take to the course after all the cars have run.

To commemorate the tremendous success we have had with our UQM motor and controller, we have initiated a campaign of "POWERED BY UQM TECHNOLOGIES" to raise awareness for the incredible efficacy of their PowerPhase Traction System.  We are proud to feature UQM decals prominently on our bike and on my leathers because we believe they make the best EV electric motors in the world!  Remember that my motor is 11 inches diameter by 11 inches long, weighs just 110 lbs but produces a mind numbing 240 horsepower and 400 ft/lbs of torque.

As if that's not enough, I'm also planning a big event where we will blow through 200 MPH...I'm very confident that we will achieve this once we have some breathing room after Pikes Peak so stay tuned for that!

Attached are some photos from this weekend - we will not be running the rear tail fin at Pikes Peak, although it did work to settle the buffeting at very high speeds.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule any interviews before we leave for beautiful Colorado.

We've updated a bit, but with things changing so rapidly, Twitter is the best way to track us and my account is "chipyates89" if you're interested.

Chip Yates
The World's Fastest Electric Superbike (190.6 MPH)
The World's Most Powerful Electric Superbike (241 HP)
The World's Most Technically Advanced Electric Superbike

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