Thursday, June 9


Words Todd Sutherland

Bruce Astey was one of a number of riders that asked that the second Supersport race not be started at the Isle of Man Wednesday afternoon.

Riders were unhappy that the delayed race was started when even on the first lap there were a number of damp patches and threathening dark clouds. The second lap bought down the rain and the race was stopped.

Anstey is quoted as saying "a few of the boys came flying past me in all directions but it wasn't for me" after returning to the pits.

Scot Keith Amor fell uninjured on the second lap at Union Mills.

Refering to the Clerk of the Course's decision to start the race Guy Martin said "I reckon we should go up to Eddie Nelson and give him a thick ear - the race simply shouldn't have started."

The large part of the days program was abandoned with only a parade lap completed. The Supersport race is resheduled to start 1215am Friday morning New Zealand time.

Former multi road race world champion Mick Doohan said that he would have been happy with a 31mph lap after completing his parade lap with Nicky Hayden, Cal Cruthlow and Josh Brookes. The Aussie legend said keeping the travelling marshal in sight was hard enough without thinking about the 131mph laps the top guys are doing.

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