Wednesday, December 7


Sloan Frost in action
Suzuki International Tri-Series BMW Frost Bites

The 10th of December marks the start of summer of motorcycle racing - kicked off by the inaugural Suzuki International Tri-Series.

The hard and fast series races over three circuits in the North Island, this year offers $30,000 in prize money up for grabs.

First round’s at Hampton Downs, then Manfield and the final - the legendary street race – at Cemetery Circuit, Whanganui, on Boxing Day.

Last year’s Tri-Series saw Sloan Frost set down the challenge, asserting dominance and taking first place astride the BMWS1000RR in F1 Superbikes at Hampton Downs, Sloan went on to thrill dedicated BMW and M1Motorsport fans with achieving 2nd place overall in F1 Superbikes retaining the2009 series result.

With Sloan competing simultaneously in the British European American Racing class, more commonly known as BEARS class, Sloan’s commitment and tenacity will be a force to be reckoned with, on-board the characteristic HP2 Sport BMW.

Frost explained “I’m looking forward to the challenges of racing the BMW HP2s.

“It’s completely different, sporting a flat twin, tele-lever and it’s a shaft driven monster that puts down around 60% of the HP of the S1000RR.

This adds another element to the BEARS class, as die-hard BMW fans will appreciate what is ultimately; a true blue, grass roots BMW, scraping its heads! ”

”The objective with the Tri-Series is to push beyond personal expectations. I’m rapt to compete in very good company, with some of the fastest riders from both New Zealand and Australia, I’ve put in the hard work, and we have the perfect machinery and a brilliant set up.”

Is Sloan feeling the slightest amount of pressure?

“I’ll take each race as it comes, the Tri Series is important, but we don’t want to show all our cards before the 2012 National Superbikes, where securing Number 1 in New Zealand is our ultimate goal.” Sloan replied.

Sloan further throws down the gauntlet, adding “However, be rest assured, I never ride for 2nd place.”

BMW Race fans can expect a gutsy performance.