Friday, May 18



In a very interesting article on, David Emmett writes that the story that Carlos Rufas wrote for the Spanish weekly motorcycle magazine Solo Moto in the week between the Jerez and Estoril rounds of this year's MotoGP championship looks like being the result of a leak from someone within Honda Racing Corporation (HRC).

At the time, Emmett writes that HRC was trying very hard to get Stoner to commit to a two year contract, to tie him to Honda for 2013 and 2014, but Stoner - or more particularly his father Colin who does all the negotiations - was only willing to sign on for one year.

However, Motomatters had published an interview with HRC PR man Rhys Edwards earlier this month in which he stated that HRC had not started negotiations with Stoner. Read more on that here

But it appears that may have been an HRC smokescreen as Emmett is speculating that the leak and the subsequent story that appeared in Solo Moto may have been an "attempt to pressure Stoner into making a decision. The hope must have been that by forcing the Australian to issue a denial, he would be forced to think seriously about the consequences of retiring, and that that prospect would have brought him back into the fold."

You can read more on this here.