Thursday, July 19


Here's an email just in from Sean:

Hi Everyone,
Please find below details and dates for my guided ride series that starts later this month.
Sean Clarke Guided Trail Rides
2908 Old Taupo Rd, Tokoroa
This year all the rides will start from my house at old Taupo rd Tokoroa.
I have two different loops with one heading north from Tokoroa towards Putaruru and the other heading south from Tokoroa towards Whakamaru and Atimuri.
Up to 150ks per day with hardly doing the same track twice.
The ride will follow trails that were used for the ISDE and Trailride tracks in the area
This ride is really great fun with great view's and awesome tracks that are in the area. Each ride will vary as different tracks are reopened.
Most of the tracks are single trail in the trees with a few firebreaks and roads in between to link it all up.
Other details;
I also run 2 day guided rides for smaller groups of 6-10 riders. These include accomadation and food for the weekend. So if you have a few mates that want a great weekends riding contact me for more details
Sat 28th July south loop
Sat 25th Aug north loop
Sat 22th Sept south loop
Sat 20th Oct north loop
Sat 24th Nov south loop

$120.00 per day includes lunch and transport of fuel etc..

For more info,
Contact me on 0275 996 046 or email

Cheers Sean