Tuesday, September 25


Lambing time...

WHILE some sections of the motorcycle trade are walking around like a bunch of shell-shocked soldiers from the Legion of the Damned, wailing about the impact of the global financial collapse, others are seizing the initiative wherever they can.

A classic example of this is North Shore (Auckland) dealer Hyosung Motrocycles and the new Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMs) legislation that comes into effect on October 1. The LAMs regulations mean that there is no longer an engine displacement restriction of 250cc on motorcycles able to be ridden by learners.

The limit is now 660cc, along with a power-to-weight ratio restriction 150 kilowatts (200 bhp)/tonne, as detailed in Kiwi Rider magazine (page 8) in May 2008, Major Changes to Learner Rules.

While some sections of the industry are depressingly apathetic, Hyosung Motorcycles is throwing a party to celebrate the new LAMS laws, with a lamb-on-a-spit party at its 72 Barrys Point Road premises on Sunday, October 7. This is going to be some knees-up as it will roll on all day, from 9am to 4pm. The staff have really entered into the spirit of LAMS, with an inflatable sheep competition… (the mind boggles).

No matter what brand of motorcycle you ride, you are invited!

Here’s what Hyosung Motorcycles says in its invitation:
• Check out the most powerful learner legal 650’s in NZ.

• High spec, low price from just $8995 or $57pw* (with $2500 deposit)

• Trade-ins welcomed

As well as all the bikes we will have:-

• Roast lamb on a spit

• Inflatable sheep competition

• Great deals on riding gear

• And much more

Test rides will be available - subject to conditions. Call now to make a booking: 09 486 2873

Visit here to see the full range.

*Subject to approval

He's really a Southland boy at heart...   Kiwi Rider's Editor Ross MacKay heads out on his LAMing 
rounds on the Hyosung ST-7, which is now Learner Approved....