Sunday, October 14


A FORMER road safety manager with the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) in New South Wales, Australia, says Australian authorities are "unusually obsessed" with speeding, at the risk of underemphasising the dangers of drunk driving, or driving without a seatbelt.

Lex Stewart, RTA road safety manager between 1990 and 1997, has told the Australian Institute of Traffic and Planning conference that better road safety comes from "flowing with" rather than going against "innate human psychology".

He says the number of road deaths in New South Wales has barely budged over the past decade despite ever more drastic penalties being enforced on motorists.

Mr Stewart also says speed cameras were "purely punitive, not educational." "We need to ask those obsessed with speed cameras why Germany, with no speed limit at all on its autobahns, has a fatality rate of 0.7, which is substantially better than NSW's 0.9 and Australia's 0.8."

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