Monday, December 10


Valvoline BMW rider BMW Sloan Frost won the first F1 race but it was Suzuki's Andrew Stroud who left the openign round of this year's Suzuki Tri-Series at Hampton Downs on Saturday with the class points lead.

Frost made a trademark fast start on his BMW S1000 RR to rocket into the lead, which he extended through the race as the big name Superbike riders scrapped it out for the next best position - second.

Fastest qualifier Andrew Stroud, had a poor start which forced the Brother Suzuki GSX-R1000 rider to cut through fast traffic to have a shot of catching Frost.

However, fellow Hamiltonian Nick Cole (Red Devil Racing Kawasaki ZX-10R) and a resurgent Craig Shirriffs (Suzuki GSX-R1000), of Feilding, made life in the fast lane difficult for the defending champion. 

James Smith followed Stroud through the field into third slot, but the Christchurch Castrol Honda CBR1000RR rider also had to deal with Shirriffs, Cole, and an improving Dennis Charlett during his return on a Suzuki Superbike.

In the closing stages Cole pulled out before Frost took the chequered flag, followed by Stroud and Charlett in third.

Frost repeated his holeshot in F1 race two but high-sided on the exit of turn one in front of Stroud, causing a red flag race stop.

Shirriffs bolted into the lead at the F1 restart which didn’t include Frost or Cole. While the race was two riders poorer for talent it left the door open for Stroud to move into the lead ahead of Shirriffs and Charlett (Christchurch, Underground Brown GSX-R1000). These three Suzuki riders circulated the entire race together in the space of a credit card.

Shirriffs was the only rider to pass Stroud as the race progressed, although Stroud regained the lead to score his first win of the Suzuki Tri-Series.

Second position remained undecided the entire race but after plenty of hard passes Charlett and Shirriffs completed the podium in that order, not far ahead of a fast improving Hayden Fitzgerald (Suzuki NZ GSX-R1000) and Ray Clee on his RCM Suzuki Superbike.

Stroud leads the Suzuki Tri-Series and said after his race win, “It made for good racing as it was close at the front.

 “I’ve still got to do the best I can at Manfeild, it’s unfortunate for Sloan [Frost] that he had a nasty high-side in the second race, right in front of me, but it’s good he’s OK. And Nick [Cole] has had a DNF, so it leaves Dennis [Charlett] and Craig [Shirriffs] mainly, as Dennis finished just behind me in both races.

“I’ll be trying to win at Manfeild, and usually Nick Cole is the main guy to beat at Wanganui. I’d prefer to go into Wanganui with a points buffer if possible.”

Defending NZ 600cc Supersport champion, Charlett is surprised to find himself second in the F1 series, as it’s been several years since he raced a big bike. Yet the Christchurch rider was mixing it up with the defending Suzuki Tri-Series champ in race two. “It was unbelievable that I was in that position, I was riding around the track thinking ‘I shouldn’t be here - behind Andrew Stroud!” Charlett explains.

Both F2 races were convincingly won by Jaden Hassan on his Home Buyers Reports Yamaha NZ R6 at Hampton Downs and, to prove his speed Hassan broke his own F2 lap record in the second stanza with a 1m 5.89s time. He is looking to carry his success to Manfeild for round two. 

Jeremy Holmes (Castrol Hodna CBR600, Invercargill) and Christchurch’s John Ross (Repsol Suzuki GSX-R600) slugged it out for second and third in each race. Holmes was second in the opening race with Ross third, although the positions were swapped in race two. German racer Thomas Kreutz, rode his Yamaha NZ R6 well to finish fourth in race two.

Ross also raced a Repsol Suzuki GSXR1000 in the premier F1 class, where he took eighth and ninth positions respectively.

 The stars of the show were six ultra-fast contenders in both Supermoto legs. What the bikes lacked in speed was made up from constant passing and sliding around each corner as Toby Summers, Glenn Hayden, Scott Moir, Duncan Hart, Casey Bullock and Richard Dibben fought for the lead, the wins going to Dibben and Hayden on their modified Honda CRF450s.

In the F3 category Glen Williams and Scott Moir took a win each after eight paint-swapping laps per heat, with Moir holding a one point lead heading into round two on Sunday, due to his extra point as fastest qualifier.

Williams also enjoyed a pair of fine race wins on his Bimota YB8 in the Post Classic Pre ’89 class, each time ahead of 1980s star Eddie Kattenberg on a Yamaha FZR1000.    

Sloan Frost rode his Valvoline BMW S1000 RR to first place in race one of the BEARS class, but wasn’t able to ride the second heat due to his earlier crash. Second in race one, Travis Moan grabbed a good win in the final BEARS race of the day.

Suzuki Tri-Series action continues at Manfeild on Sunday December 15, with the final showdown at Wanganui’s Cemetery Circuit on Boxing Day, where American legend Pat Hennen will make a special appearance.

2012 Suzuki Tri-Series results from Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Saturday December 8.

Formula 1, race 1: Sloan Frost (Valvoline BMW S 1000 RR), 1; Andrew Stroud (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 2; Dennis Charlett (Underground Brown Suzuki GSX-R1000), 3; James Smith (Castrol Honda CBR1000RR), 4; Craig Shirriffs (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 5; Hayden Fitzgerald (Suzuki NZ GSX-R1000), 6.

Formula 1, race 2: Stroud, 1; Charlett, 2; Shirriffs, 3; Fitzgerald, 4; Ray Clee (RCM Suzuki Superbike, 5; Tony Rees (Tony Rees Motorcycles Honda CBR1000RR), 6.

Formula 1 series points: Andrew Stroud, 48; Dennis Charlett, 42; Craig Shirriffs, 36; Hayden Fitzgerald, 33; Ray Clee, 30; James Smith, 28.

 Formula 2, race 1: Jaden Hassan (Home Buyers Reports Yamaha NZ R6), 1; Jeremy Holmes (Castrol Honda CBR600RR), 2; John Ross (Repsol Suzuki GSX-R600), 3; Jayden Carrick (Suzuki GSX-R600), 4; Daniel Kempthorne (Yamaha R6), 5; Toby Summers (Yamaha R6).

Formula 2, race 2: Hassan, 1; Ross, 2; Holmes, 3; Thomas Kreutz (Yamaha NZ R6), 4; Carrick, 5; Kempthorne, 6.

Formula 2 series points: Jaden Hassan, 51; John Ross & Jeremy Holmes, 42; Jayden Carrick, 34; Daniel Kempthorne, 31; Toby Summers, 29.

Formula 3, race 1: Glen Williams (Suzuki SV650), 1; Scott Moir (Honda RS450), 2; Gavin Veltmeyer (Suzuki SV650), 3; Chris Osborne (Ozzy 450R), 4; Nathaniel Diprose (Suzuki SV650), 5; Nigel Lennox (Suzuki SV650), 6.

Formula 3, race 2: Moir, 1; Williams, 2; Terry Fitzgerald (Waitara, Suzuki SV650), 3; Veltmeyer, 4; Osborne, 5; Diprose, 6.

Formula 3 series points: Scott Moir, 48; Glen Williams, 47; Gavin Veltmeyer, 38; Chris Osborne, 34; Terry Fitzgerald & Nathaniel Diprose, 31.

Supermoto race 1: Richard Dibben (Honda CRF450), 1; Scott Moir (Honda CRF450), 2; Duncan Hart (Yamaha YZF450), 3; Toby Summers (Yamaha YZF450), 4; Casey Bullock (KTM 450SMR), 5; Lewis Waho (Yamaha YZF450), 6.

Supermoto race 2: Glenn Haden  (Honda CRF450), 1; Summers, 2; Dibben, 3; Hart, 4; Bullock, 5; Waho, 6.

Supermoto series points: Richard Dibben, 45; Toby Summers, 41; Glenn Haden, 39; Duncan Hart, 38; Casey Bullock, 32; Lewis Waho, 30.

Post Classic Pre ’89 race 1: Glen Williams (Bimota YB8 1000), 1; Eddie Kattenberg (Yamaha FZR1000), 2; Damian Mackie (Suzuki RG500), 3; Paul Wooton (Suzuki GSXR1100), 4; Andrew Skelton (Suzuki GSXR1100), 5; Terry Stevenson (Marsh GSX1150), 6.

Post Classic Pre ’89 race 2: Williams, 1; Kattenberg, 2; Wooton , 3; Skelton, 4; Mackie, 5; Nigel Lennox, (Auckland), 6.

Post Classic Pre ’89 series points: Glen Williams, 51; Eddie Kattenberg, 44; Paul Wooton, 38; Damian Mackie, 36; Andrew Skelton, 34; Nigel Lennox, 29.

BEARS race 1: Sloan Frost (Valvoline BMW S 1000 RR), 1; Travis Moan (BMW S 1000 RR), 2; Rhys Holmes (BMW S 1000 RR), 3; Richard Taylor (BMW S 1000 RR), 4; Jamie Galway (Triumph Daytona 675), 5; Nick Prestige (Ducati 1098R), 6.

BEARS race 2: Moan, 1; Holmes, 2; Taylor, 3; Galway, 4; Prestige, 5; Blayes Heaven (Auckland, Triumph Daytona 675), 6.

BEARS series points: Travis Moan, 47; Rhys Holmes, 42; Richard Taylor, 38; Jamie Galway, 34; Nick Prestidge, 31; Blayes Heaven, 29.

2012 Suzuki Tri-Series Schedule;

Rnd 2: Manfeild, Sunday December 16

Rnd 3: Wanganui Cemetery Circuit, Wednesday December 26