Friday, February 1



AUSTRIAN manufacturer KTM Sport Motorcycle AG posted record sales of 107,142 motorcycles in the 2012 calendar year compared with 81,200 units in 2011.  This increase in units sold resulted in annual turnover of more than 610 million Euros, compared with 526.8 million Euros in 2011, an increase of 15.8 per cent in revenue.

It also saw KTM surpass the sales of BMW in the 2012 calendar year to become Europe's biggest motorcycle manufacturer.

KTM's 2012 results are sensational as they come against a back drop of a continuing decline in sales of all types of motorcycles in Europe and an off-road market that is globally well down on its peak.

The European market was down 12 per cent, yet KTM's sales there grew nine per cent and it now has a 7.5 per cent share of the European market.  And in the USA, its sales - mostly dirt bikes - grew 15 per cent 

While KTM has diversified its model line-up in recent years it is still primarily known as a maker of ready to race off-road motorcycles, so to increase its sales at a time when the dirt bike market is weak means it must have taken sales from some of the other manufacturers in that arena.

That is part of KTM's success story.  But there is also its strategic decision to push into the Indian market through its 47 per cent shareholder Bajaj Auto.  Bajaj sold no less than 8000 of the new 200cc Dukes last year, as well as using the KTM engine in its own Pulsar 200SN Triple Spark model.

With the new 390 Duke about to be launched into India, as well as the rest of the world, there is every chance KTM may surpass its 2012 record in the near future.

The positive market development in Asia, where sales could be increased more than tenfold, contributes considerably to the company’s success” says KTM CEO Stefan Pierer.