Friday, February 15


SUPERMOTO is gaining serious traction in New Zealand since Kiwi Rider’s Todd Sutherland organised the Suzuki Supermoto at the old Taupo circuit in April 2002.  Now there’s a class for the modified dirt bikes in the Suzuki Tri Series as well as being the key class at the Burt Munro Challenge.
More recently a purpose-built track has been formed at Christchurch’s Powerbuilt Tools Raceway at Ruapuna Park.  This involved the creation of a purpose-built track extension utilising the tri-oval A-track and in-field to form a road-dirt track and was built by local racing enthusiasts Dean James and Shane Raitt of Shoutout Events.
The two got together with some local dirt bike racers and marked out an off-road section on the in-field at the corner known as The Rock Sweeper.  They rode multiple laps to check the entry and exit from the tar circuit onto the grass until they arrived at the perfect solution, then they mowed the grass on the new dirt track and organised some ‘have-a-go’ days, which were well supported by local Supermoto enthusiasts.
A Google Earth view of the new track at Ruapuna.
Buoyed by the support they were getting they decided it was time to run a race so on March 15-16 Shoutout Events will be running the first major Supermoto races at the new facility.  The Supermotos will be one of the major features at a big truck and drift car event at the circuit.
According to Dean James of Shoutout Events, Fulton Hogan has provided two hundred cubic metres of clean fill to enable him to put a layer of earth over the off-road portion and to “build the berms, jumps, and table-top.”
Entry for the Supermoto races is $50 and is by pre-entry only.  There will be just one class, Open, with no restriction with regard to engine displacement of wheel sizes.  The starting grid will be set by timed qualifying and all races will be gridded according to qualifying times.
More information from Dean James –
Also, take a look at the Shoutout Facebook page to get an idea of what they are doing at Ruapuna:
March 15-16 will see the Supermoto machines return to Ruapuna in force.