Monday, July 29


Words: Todd Sutherland

Wouldn't it be great, if even if you lived in town, your kids could ride their motorcycles any time without upsetting the neighbours? With the release of the electric trials bikes by Spanish firm GAS GAS, we may just have the ultimate kids bike.

My boys are lucky enough to have  trail bikes but I have to admit there are still months that go by when they don't get ridden. One of the main hassles with your kids having a bike if you are a townie is just getting out to ride. Gas Gas have produced a couple of electric kids bike that are both inexpensive and whisper quiet. This just might be the game changer we've been looking for.

As top enduro rider Chris Birch once explained. You can learn most of the basic, core riding skills on a trials bike at low speed. I know my son who has barely pulled a wheelie in his life was getting a feel for things in less than 5 minutes and I'm sure that this will transfer to riding his much bigger and heavier trail bike.

Perhaps my nine year old is too big for the bike, but nothing gets him out of the house faster than a chance to ride the electric Gas Gas.

Check out next months KiwiRider for more details (October issue).