Saturday, August 10


The Indian round of the 2013 Eni Superbike World Championship, originally set down for March 10 and delayed until November 17 due to 'logisical problems' may not happen at all.

The former organisers of the Superbike World Championship, Infront Motor Sports, announced the race in June last year .


"For the teams, the race is a logistical nightmare. India accepts no customs carnet, the lead time is at least three months.  In addition, a deposit is required which will be retained for one year and only paid back minus five percent."

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Now Motomatters has picked up on the story.

"At the heart of the issue is the matter of how the Indian government views motorsport," writes David Emmett.  

"For various reasons, motorsport - of both the two- and four-wheeled variety - is not regarded as a sport, and so any motorsports event is treated as if all of the equipment necessary is an ordinary import and export operation, with all of the bureaucracy that entails.  For the World Superbike paddock, this means that all of the bikes would have to be entered at customs a month before the race was set to take place, that the customs procedures would have to be started three months ahead of the November 17 date."

Read his take on events (and interesting comments from Indian Superbike fans here