Thursday, August 15


The Indian round of the 2013 Eni Superbike World Championship – scheduled for November 17 at the Buddh International Circuit – has been cancelled. On Wednesday, August 14, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) officially announced the event’s cancellation due to “operational challenges”.

This means that instead of being a 16 round championship the SWC series ends at Jerez, on October 20 after 15 rounds and 30 races.

The FIM press release indicates the Indian race could be on the calendar again at a later date, perhaps 2015.

The event had been in doubt for some time. Originally scheduled for March 10, it was moved from being the second race on the calendar, after Phillip Island, to being the final event on the 2013 calendar.

But continuing “logistical challenges” in getting bikes and equipment in and out of India for the race and dealing with the associated cost and bureaucracy, made it increasingly unlikely that the race would take place.

Although the FIM press release only mentions 'operational challenges', it also makes it clear that the training of marshals was a big issue, with Jaypee Sports and the Motor Sports Clubs of India unable to train enough people in time for the event.

And David Emmett at website Motomatters says a lack of marshals has been a problem at other events.

“For the MotoGP season opener at Qatar, for example, Dorna flies out a huge group of Spanish marshals to work at the race, due to a lack of qualified local volunteers. That cost is very easily covered by the massive sanctioning fee the Qatari federation pays to host the opening event.”

Emmett says “that was not an option for the Indian round of World Superbikes, as the former World Superbike organizer, Infront Motor Sports, is rumored to have offered the Indian WSBK round to Jaypee Sports for a bargain basement price. Only by raising the amount the circuit pays to the organisers could such a cost be covered, in addition to the massive cost of flying the teams and their bikes and equipment in and out of the country.”
Official FIM announcement follows:

FIM Superbike & Supersport World Championships Change to the 2013 calendar, 14 August
The FIM has announced that, owing to operational challenges, Jaypee Sports International Ltd (JPSI) and Dorna World SBK Organization (DWO) have decided to cancel the 2013 WSBK Indian Round that was scheduled to be held at Buddh International Circuit (BIC) on 17 November 2013.
JPSI, the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and the Indian Motorsport Marshals Club (IMMC) are working intensely together to make the Indian round as safe as possible in preparation for 2015.  As a starting point, the BIC will play host to both the FMSCI 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler National Championship races from 13 to 14 September with fully trained IMMC Marshals officiating at the venue.  JPSI has conveyed this to DWO, who appreciate the efforts being made to make it possible to host a round at some time in the future.
FMSCI President Mr. Vicky Chandhok said: “JPSI confirms its interest in going ahead with the race in the future. We look forward to them concluding an arrangement with DWO in order to arrive at a mutually convenient date and to ensure that India has the privilege of hosting a round in the near future.”