Friday, August 16


A POLICE BMW motorcycle burst into flames and burned to a smoking wreck in Christchurch this morning, reports The Press

The motorcycle, a 2007 BMW R1200 RTP, burst into flames  about 7.40am at the corner of Saint David Street and Moorhouse Avenue, causing the morning rush-hour traffic to be delayed.

The police officer on the BMW had stopped a vehicle in Moorhouse Avenue and arrested the driver of a car for possession of drugs and an air-gun.

The remains of the BMW have been removed from the scene and will be subject to a thorough mechanical inspection.

Kiwi Rider would like to hear from any motorcyclists who have experienced fuel leaks from well maintained motorcycles recently.  We have been told some fuel lines react very badly to petrol laced with ethanol (E85).

Contact the editor, Ross MacKay:   or Todd Sutherland:  with full details.

The photo published on the website of the Christchurch Press which shows the police bike ablaze.