Saturday, November 30


A study in down-wind braking:  Greg Baynes slows from 180 km/h for the bottom turn at Oreti beach on his way to winning the 2013 50 mile race for the Burt Munro Trophy.

SOUTHLAND KTM dealer Greg Baynes made no mistakes, rode hard and fast from start to finish and won the 2013 Burt Munro Trophy on the sands of Oreti Beach on November 29.

Using the same 2007 KTM 450SXF 505 he raced to second place last year, Baynes did a little more development work, including increasing the compression ratio and working out a way to make lighting-fast manual gear changes.  It sounded as if he had a quick-shifter to save time with gear shifts in this year’s race., but he swears that wasn't the case.

Although he did not make the best of starts, before the field was half way down the stretch to the top mark, Baynes had surged up from fourth to run neck-and-neck with multiple winner Jason Feaver (Honda CRF450).  As they braked to the top mark, they touched and Feaver went down.  The Honda man was back up pretty quickly and ended the first lap in eighth place.  In a determined frame of mind, Feaver worked his way back to second place before ten laps were run, and settled in to try and grind away at Baynes’ lead.
Greg Baynes and Jason Feaver were side by side in the run down to the first mark from the start...
From 9.5 seconds behind he got the lead down to a little more than five seconds at one point when Baynes had to deal with a group of riders he was lapping.  But once clear, he left Feaver to contend with more lapped traffic and got the gap back to nine seconds. 

Jason Feaver giving chase to Greg Baynes 
halfway through the Burt Munro Trophy race.
The race started with a strong wind blowing down the beach so the riders were punching into a head wind that got stronger as they race went on.  That meant they had to readjust their braking points for the bottom mark as the strong tail wind saw them topping 190 km/h at the end of each lap.

Around the 40 lap mark, Feaver got caught out at the bottom mark and stalled his CRF450.  Although he got it kick-started into life very quickly, the damage was done.  From there on Baynes just had to ride mistake free to ensure he put his name on the Burt Munro Trophy for a second time.

That was easier said than done.  The bikes were fish-tailing most of the way along the beach in either direction and as the laps wound down, the wind got stronger and shifted 90 degrees before the chequered flag came out.  That meant the riders were dealing with a strong gusting cross-wind in the final stage.

Riding a safe tidy race, Tuataupere’s Lockie Lott got into third place on a KX500 Kawasaki two-stroke and held on to maintain that placing to the end.

Jason Feaver (12) holds off the advances of 

KX500-mounted Lockie Lock (96).
But for Bayes, the win was sweet indeed.  He’d been waiting five years to add the second Burt Munro Trophy to his cabinet at Moto South.

The large crowd bathed in the late afternoon sun at Oreti Beach (above) but by the end (below) they were virtually blown back to Invercargill as the wind shifted to the west and increased in strength.