Saturday, November 30


Ryan Hampton blasts off on his record-setting run up Bluff Hill to clinch his fourth New Zealand Hillclimb Championship


CHRISTCHURCH rider Ryan Hampton used his Honda Fieblade to slice more than two seconds off the New Zealand Hillclimb record he set last year to once again win the national championship at Bluff on November 28.
The 25-year-old had no real competition in the Open class of the New Zealand Hillclimb Championship, winning by more than seven seconds from Oxford’s Dan Ornsby (Yamaha YZF-R6).
Hampton arcs into the first corner on his way up Bluff Hill.

Hampton laid down a blazing 42.51 second pass, his Castrol Honda CBR1000R shrieking as he shot up the up the serpentine 1.4 kilometre section of closed off public road on his first timed run to get the Burt Munro Challenge weekend rolling.

He was unable to better that on his two subsequent runs, but that first shot was good enough to see him secure the national hillclimb title in the Open class for the fourth successive year.

Last year his closest competition came from the 600 class riders Jason Feaver, Chris Manson and Greg Baynes on their converted motocross machines.
Jason Feaver's 600cc CR500 Honda
two-stroke is one of only two
in the country

However, none of them managed to match their best times from 2012, with Feaver laying down the fastest time to win the class with a 46.91 second run, outside the class record of 46.59 Hanson had set on an almost identical CRF450-framed, CR500 Honda, bored and stroked to 600cc.

With Hampton clocking a best pass 2.23 seconds faster than last year’s record, the gap between him and the 600 class men suddenly widen to 4.4 seconds.  Last year the gap was much closer, just 1.85 seconds separated the Superbike riding Hampton from the Motard men.

Chris Manson launches his potent 600cc two-stroke Honda CR500.

Kevin Kinghan won the Pre-1982 class 
on his Suzuki GS1000S.
So without doubt, Hampton can well and truly lay claim to being King of the Hill.

Fastest times outright:  1, Chris Hampton (Honda CBR1000R), 42.51 seconds;  2, Jason Feaver (Honda CR600), 46.91 secs; 3, Chris Manson (Honda CR600), 47.56 secs; 4, Dan Ornsby (Yamaha YZF-R6), 48.28 sec; 5, Greg Baynes (KTM 505), 48.50 secs; 6, David Lee (Triumph 675 Daytona), 49.04 secs; 7, Kevin Kinghan (Suzuki GS1000S), 49.57 secs.

Some of the Australian and American tourists who made the trip to Southland for the Burt Munro Challenge weekend.