Friday, May 16


YOU see all sorts of interesting items on Trademe these days but we thought this one was worth reporting on.

It is for the sale of what is billed as "quite possibly the most sought-after, collectable and desirable scooter from this year's Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari... - with all sale proceeds going to the Cancer Society."

The advertisement informs us the Suzuki will be "lovingly ridden in the Safari (on May 24) by Mike Pero, and will be available in two options: stickered-up as it finished the event, or cleaned and just about as-new."

For those who don't remember, Mike Pero is a multi-New Zealand motorcycle racing champion and brother of the famous Kawasaki Australia and Honda Australia star of the 1990s, Iain Pero.

He is also known for mortgage brokering and real estate sales.

To place your bid for this choice piece of Suzuki machinery, click here