Wednesday, October 1


TWO years after giving the V7 a makeover, Moto Guzzi has tweaked its best-selling model to create the V7 II. 
To further improve rider comfort, the rider’s foot rests have been lowered almost 25mm to create more leg room while the engine has been lowered 10mm and rotated forward (toward the front axle) by four degrees to create more room for tall riders’ knees.
There is also a new electronics package with two channel ABS as well as traction control.  The latter is not something we thought the V7 required, such is the pleasant way the 90 degree push-rod V-twin generates power.

The engine, thoroughly updated for the 2012 model year, is left unchanged but the improved five-speed gearbox has been dumped in favour of a brand new six-speeder along with a revised clutch.

As with the previous V7, the Moto Guzzi V7 II will be offered in three versions: the basic Stone, the touring-oriented Special, and the sporty Racer.  It’s too early for Moto Guzzi to announce the price of the new V7 II, but chances it will close to the current model.