Friday, March 6


TWO-time MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner is critical of the electronics in today's MotoGP machines and says he just likes his bikes "raw".

In an interesting interview with Adam Wheeler in the online magazine On Track Off Road, Stoner said of the current MotoGP machines:  “The bikes are not as enjoyable to ride as they used to be, because of the electronics and the things they have on them now.”  

“I really just want to ride a raw bike again, and I have been enjoying my enduro riding and motocross and getting out there and ripping it for real.  Being on real bikes is my thing.”

Wheeler started the interview discussing a subject we know ace Kiwi photographer Craig Dawson will be very interested in: fishing.

He goes on to discuss the talent of Marc Marquez, and how the Spaniard also revels in having a bike moving around underneath him.

Stoner is also a huge fan of American Supercross ace Ryan Villopoto and reveals he has attended a number of AMA Supercross Nationals to watch the Kawasaki ace in action.

"I think he is above and beyond me," Stoner says of Villopoto, adding that he has been watching the American since 2006.

However, he says he has no desire to ride Supercross, although he'd love to do a few laps with Villopoto on a natural terrain outdoor course.  Stoner is very critical of the latest Supercross track designs.

For Adam Wheeler's full interview, click here