Tuesday, August 18


Katerina Valachova Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and 
Sports and Carmelo Ezpeleta of Dorna have signed 
an agreement that will keep MotoGP at Brno until 2020.

After some doubt as to whether this year's MotoGP race in the Czech Republic would go ahead, the circuit's future has been secured until 2020 following an agreement reached by the championship's rights holder Dorna Sports SL and the Czech authorities.

In May, German website www.speedweek.com reported the event was in doubt due to a battle over a battle over who should take control of arrangements.  This was between the circuit owner Karel Abraham Snr. and the Governor of the South Morovian region of Brno.

Speedweek reported that Abraham was claiming he could not afford the  €2.73 million Dorna sanctioning fee to hold the race.  

In past years the local government has contributed between 30 and 40 per cent of the Dorna sanctioning fee but this year there was a battle over who should control the race and that led to a stop in financial arrangements.

Abraham was claiming that the local authorities still owed him €1 million for the cost of the 2014 event.

Now a joint effort by the Moravian government and the city of Brno will lead to the creation of a new body acting as the promoter of the event.  This body will work alongside Dorna Sports to keep MotoGP at the iconic Czech venue in 2016 and beyond.

The first Czechoslovakian Grand Prix was held at Brno in 1965, on the original 13.94 km long public road circuit.  

The current circuit was first used for grand prix racing in 1987 and hosted the Czechoslovakian GP through until 1991.  

Brno did not appear on the calendar for 1992, but the event was revived in 1993 as the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic and has taken place every year since.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, declared: "the Czech GP is one of the highlights of the MotoGP Championship as it's been on the calendar for 50 years and as we see this weekend again, it's a very popular event.  We are very happy to reach an agreement with the Czech authorities that will ensure the future of the Grand Prix in the Czech Republic for at least the next five years."

Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Katerina Valachova, commented: "We're proud to announce that Brno will host MotoGP again in 2016 and the four following years, thanks to the creation of a new public body involving the Meridional Moravia Government and the City of Brno."